Welcome to the homepage for the workshop:  Ethical Dimensions of Educational Technology at Camosun College.

Many of us are integrating educational technology into our teaching, but how many of us are discussing the ethical issues that come along with those technologies?  This blended workshop (first part online, second part face-to-face) will support conversations around institutional policy, privacy, social justice, accessibility, and personal risk, when it comes to educational technology, and help you develop strategies for being creative and innovative while keeping these issues in mind.

By the end of the online and face-to-face components of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify the main ethical issues facing educational institutions regarding use of educational technology for teaching and learning.
  • Implement at least one strategy for using an educational technology mindfully in your classroom in the next term.
  • Identify the institutional policies covering use of educational technology at Camosun, and what gaps there may be in said policies.

In order to prepare for the face-to-face component of this workshop, you will be completing some activities on this site first.

Before getting started, click on the Facilitators tab to find out more about Brian Lamb and Emily Schudel.

Then, you can click Online Activities to get started!